SummerWood Wine Club Winback Program


SummerWood Winery & Inn produces 6,500 cases per year where wine is exclusively sold in a Direct to Consumer (DTC) model. SummerWood has two clubs that they sell to guests of the tasting room and inn. The Private Reserve club provides access to premium wines with the most club benefits. The Seasons club provides less discounts and less bottles per shipment. Both clubs have a similar lifetime value in both revenue and longevity. SummerWood recently made adjustments to their club benefits, but it was difficult to communicate these new discounts and benefits to their former customers.


SummerWood wanted a campaign that would communicate benefit changes to former club members so they would return to SummerWood for membership. They needed a digital marketing strategy for the purpose of winning back former club members. In addition, they wanted the campaign to be automated so any club members that canceled in the future would eventually receive the same win-back email campaign.

The Plan

SummerWood hired Vingage Consulting to define the strategy, build the campaign and execute the program. A campaign was quickly designed over the course of a two week period. The strategy was to implement the campaign throughout the month of March, 2016. The goal was to enroll as many former club members as possible so returning customers could enjoy the April club shipments.


The campaign was deployed on March 8th to engage former club members. Using email marketing best practices, Vingage Consulting was able to earn back former club members. All enrollments took place on the SummerWood website or by phone with the SummerWood Tasting Room Manager.

The Return on Investment (ROI) for SummerWood on this campaign was valued at 1,150% when considering the lifetime value (revenue based on the longevity of membership) that each club member provides to the winery.


Vingage Consulting believes in working hard for each client to maximize their DTC revenue. With over 25 years experience in the digital and online world, Vingage Consulting was able to strategically design and deliver a campaign using online marketing best practices. We have proven our value in the results we deliver with every single client we have engaged.

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